How to download snapshots including its config and settings locally

Hi , is there a way for us to save the snapshots locally for backup purposes ?

Not currently from the UI, but it would be possible to do so via the API (as this is how the device pulls a snapshot).

You can find information about how to generate tokens for the API here, and links to the API docs

Is this the API used for export the flows ? Does this work only for cloud instances ? How about if we want to save device snapshots locally ? Is there any API for exporting device snapshots locally ? Thank you

Because I developed directly from the device using the device agent therefore I would like to save the device flows locally on my machine. Btw what is the credentialSecret yea ? is it the API token ?

OK, my response was with regard to snapshots of cloud instances.

The credentialsSecret is the key used to encrypt the flows credential, this is a normal part of Node-RED.

Devices keep changes locally. By default they are in /opt/flowfuse-device/project directory (please do not try to edit anything in here directly).

But I suggest you take snapshots of the device regularly if you are doing extensive development over long periods of time.

Thank you for your suggestions Ben. Btw I wanted to specifically outline the challenges I consistently encounter during extensive development with the device agent.

When I don’t promptly create snapshots after deploying flows (and I don’t turn off developer mode for approximately 2 hours), I consistently encounter the “Internal Server Error.” This prevents me from creating snapshots efficiently.

Fortunately, I can still access the Node-RED editor on the device and export/download the flows locally. However, this workaround isn’t very convenient. I’m curious to know if the FlowFuse team is currently investigating these issues.

This issues can be solved by
downloading the flows locally - turn off the dev mode to restart the device agent - import the recent download flows into the device nodered editor - able to create snapshots without error

Thank you