Update pallete requires restart nodered

Hello , I want to update certain node library on my device but this warning pop up and i dont see any where how i can restart the nodered flowfuse device agent ? I did try to deploy and disable the dev mode to restart but it just rollbacks to the current version of node library , is there any other alternatives on how i can update my node library ? Thank you

If you are using an application bound device, then after installing the new node if you trigger a new snapshot (and set it as the default) then toggle in and out of developer mode, it should update with the new version of the node and the current version of the flows.

But as I linked in the last comment, we have an open issue to implement allowing a local restart of the Node-RED instance.

ah i see , the trick is to create a new snapshot during dev mode and set it as target , and turn off the dev mode to restart , i see , thanks for the workaround ben , really appreciate it

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