Accessing fileStorage

thank you for creating flowfuse. I just got into it a bit and checking out the features for using it in an iot setup.

I am looking for a way to access the fileStorage from a classic node. Particularly the node-red-contrib-protobuf in order to call a decode *.proto file.

I made it to write the file to the fileStorage using @flowfuse/nr-file-nodes. I do not know the exact path for accessing this file with the porotbuf node though. Is there any way how i can configure this in a flowfuse instance?

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The @flowfuse/nr-file-nodes do not store files on a local file system, they are stored in a remote network file store and as such you can not access them from other nodes.

Hi @Ben thank you for you blazing fast response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, got it. How would you store such a *.proto file in a docker compose setup in order to access it?

I now copied it into the container like:

docker cp sparkpulg_b.proto <container-id>:/usr/src/sparkplug_b.proto

This works, but i do have to copy again in case of rebuilding the container - i guess. Is there another prefered way of doing such things?

If the .proto files are going to be static then you can build a custom stack container that includes the files.

There are some instructions to help with building custom stack containers here:


FROM flowfuse/node-red
COPY *.proto /usr/local/src/

And then use that container as the base for your stacks going forward.

And the path would be /usr/local/src/foo.proto

All right, thank you.
this sounds like a good solution.