Device Agent Update

I’m a little confused by the code update on the device.

I have a flowforge instance with several versions of my system in node-red.

And I have a registered device that runs my system and I want to update to a specific version and I can’t. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or have a bug?

Hi @allacmc, thanks for raising this. This definitely looks like a bug, although not something I can easily reproduce as I am able to assign a target snapshot in FlowForge Cloud and on my local instance, so will need to dig into this a little more to understand what may be causing it.

Just sanity checking my own findings here:

  • Your target snapshot is set as being
  • You have you device agent running, and it seems to be okay in running Node-RED
  • However your device hasn’t been seen by FlowForge for 2 weeks and 5 days (see the red pill in the table row for that device).
  • As such, FlowForge has not been able to tell the device to update to that latest Target Snapshot.

Is your device definitely connected to the internet in order to receive the update?

I have just tested this myself (although I’m running on device agent 0.7.0) and it was working. Have also update to our latest device-agent on my device:

npm update -g @flowforge/flowforge-device-agent

and it was working again there too.

I think @joepavitt is on the right track. I think the issue is that your device is offline and you have already set as as the target snapshot. FlowForge can’t deploy that snapshot until your device is back online but you also can’t select to deploy in the pop up as that deployment is already pending.

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I apologize, I was wrong myself.

That server had a gateway to the internet and it pinged out: Ping but it didn’t have DNS configured… then I thought the internet was working properly but it wasn’t.

Now updated everything perfect!!!

I apologize for my mistake.