Single deploy to all devices linked to an applications

Hi , If i dont want to have cloud instances running but only have application , how can i deploy the snapshot to all devices linked to that applications ? because i saw the functionality to deploy to all devices only work in “Add to instances” and not “Add to applications”


You can use the DevOps Pipeline to deploy a snapshot built on one device to a set of devices in a group.

First put on the device you want to deploy a snapshot to in a device group.

Next set one of your devices to be the first stage of a DevOps pipeline.

Then put the devices group in to the second stage.

Now, put the device in stage 1 into developer mode and make changes to your flow.

When you are happy with the changes create a snapshot then take the device back out of developer mode.

You can now deploy the snapshot to the next stage of your DevOps pipeline.

You could also consider using device tied to an instance as that allows you to deploy snapshots from any of the devices to all the rest linked to that instance. You don’t actually need the instance to be running on FlowFuse.