Enable/Disable Flowfuse Instance Device Editor

Hi i would like to ask regarding device editor

If I disable the flowfuse instances device editor , does that mean the flows on the flowfuse platform is disable ?

Because im afraid that the flows in the flowfuse cloud are conflicting with the flows in my edge devices , i would like to clarify whether if i disable the flowfuse device editor like so , does that mean the whole flows for that particular instances will be disabled as well as not accessible ?


No, disabling the editor, just removes the editor interface, the flows continue to run in the instance, you just can’t update them (apart from using the DevOps pipeline to push new flows from one instance into another).

If you don’t want the flows to run in the cloud you can suspend the instance.

I see, so this does not affect the device which connected to the corresponding instance does it? I’m afraid if I suspend the instances , the device which links to the corresponding instances will be affected as well in terms of the flows running on the edge devices

Suspending an Instance just stops that instance running in the cloud, if you have a device bound to that instance it will continue to run the last snapshot pushed to it.

The alternative approach is to bind the Device to the Application not the Instance, this will not pull flows from an instance, but you will have to use the Device Editor tunnel to build the flow on the device it’s self, you can then take a snapshot so the flow is backed up in the Forge application.

In the next release we will allow Application devices to be deployment targets in the DevOps pipleline feature which means you will be able to push flows out to multiple (and groups) of Devices.

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Okay, I understand but let’s say if I bound the device to the corresponding instances, does the device editor tunnel through the flowfuse platform still work for that specific device? because I would like to develop the edge devices remotely through the flowfuse platform while at the same time suspend that specific instances as well.

oh and one more thing, you said that

“you will have to use the Device Editor tunnel to build the flow on the device it’s self, you can then take a snapshot so the flow is backed up in the Forge application.”

does that mean on that device lets say I assume raspberry pi , does that mean on the raspberry pi I need to install

  1. Device Agent @flowfuse/device-agent
  2. Flow Fuse Node Red Plugin Tools @flowfuse/nr-tools-plugin

on that same raspberry pi ?

because without nr-tools-plugin we wont be able to create snapshots in the edge devices right ?

You can use the Device Editor tunnel with a Instance bound device, but it will revert back to the last snapshot when you disable Developer Mode.

It sounds like you should be using Application bound Devices if you don’t want a cloud Instance running.

For an Application bound Device you do not need the nr-tools-plugin as you can trigger a snapshot from the FlowFuse application, which will pull the latest version of the flow from the Device and store it as a Snapshot.

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