High availability questions

Hi all, this is my first post, let me know if this is the right category.

I have a couple of questions thinking about a high availability scenario in kubernetes:

  • When an instance is created, where is the flows.json stored? I see there is no persitent volume, not sure how data is prerved between pod restarts.
  • Is it possible to export the instance and all related flow configurations as a container to an external registry? I’m thinking about being able to redeploy that container to a different cluster, being an atomic run unit.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Flows are stored in the database (for all versions not just Kubernetes)
  2. No,

Have a look at the device-agent for possible options to export a FlowForge Instance to running elsewhere. There is a container image for it, but it is not really intended to be run in a K8s cluster and it would still be managed from the parent FlowForge App.

Hi @passadoreg

More information on how FlowForge offers HA can be found in our docs High Availability mode • FlowForge Docs

On your second question, you can deploy the snapshot of the container to devices, which might serve your use case? (see also: Devices • FlowForge Docs)

Thanks all for your quick reply. Will dig deeper on the documentation, I’m looking to take advantage of kubernetes capabilities for enterprise grade implementations where there are some outside components that resolve some issues, like horizontal scalability, private registries and so on.

Thanks again.

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