Realtime device testing

Hi, I’m new to FlowFuse and am currently exploring the 14-day trial. I’ve encountered some challenges. My setup includes a local device (IoT gateway) that connects to various Modbus TCP devices within a local network, along with a local MQTT broker. Given that the Node-RED editing instance operates in the cloud, I’m curious about how to establish connections from the local device to the local hardware. Please refer to the attached diagram below.

I may be missing something here ( and I haven’t used any remote devices with Flowforge as yet ) but in your diagram I guess the gateway device running node-red simply accesses the modbus devices via its local network ?
One question, where is the MQTT broker located ? and what part does that play in your system ?


Yes, your FlowFuse devices can communicate over a LAN or even WAN to sensors, servers, protocols etc.

Each installation of FlowFuse (such as FlowFuse Cloud) has an MQTT broker included. The broker is used by FlowFuse to manage your instances and allow communication between each instance using our project link nodes.

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