How to run two device agent on the same hardware


I’m looking for guidance on running two Node-RED instances on the same hardware with distinct purposes. I want one instance to handle my production flows, while the other is dedicated to monitoring system resources and publish the data to flowfuse nodered instances in the cloud using the project out node.

The challenge I’m facing is that when I add a new device agent, it creates a new device on the Flowfuse platform. I would like to avoid this and have both instances recognized under the same device.

How can I achieve this setup without creating separate devices for each Node-RED instance? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

From a FlowFuse point of view a “Device” is an instance of the Device Agent, and the device agent only runs one instance of Node-RED.

This is working exactly as expected.

Hi , thank you ben , is there any other alternatives that i can take to implement this type of architecture ? I would be glad to use the native nodered and expose it to different port such as 1881 but then again , does the flowfuse project out/in node support in node-red without the device agent ?

The FlowFuse Project nodes will only work when run under the Device Agent (as the authentication keys are provisioned by the agent).

If you don’t want to run 2 device agents then the only real approach is to add a tab to the device flow to do the monitoring along side the application logic

Hey @annas_dzik,

What kind of device are you deploying to?

This is doable. If you are trying to do this on windows, check out this blog: Run Node-RED as a service on Windows • FlowFuse

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