Access applications from different internet connections


I have been running Node-RED with FlowForge lately. However, can it be true that I have to stay connected to the network in which I originally created the application to have access to it? If I am on another network, it doesn’t load untill I change to the other network.

If this is true, what other possabiltiies do I have if I want the application to be accesable from devices connected to any network?

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Most networks are managed by routers that provide addresses to devices joining the network which are indeed only able to be routed to from inside that network.

Routers usually support port forwarding, which maps a public facing port to a device and a port on that device. So if the client is on the world wide web it could still reach the provosts device on that particular IP and port combination.

Generally it’s easier and more secure to have the now private client reach out to the FlowForge hosted Node-RED. Is this an option for you?

Please provide more details about how/where you are running FlowForge.

E.g. are you running your own instance of FlowForge and if so which driver version are you running (e.g. localfs, docker or kubernetes)?

Include details of any changes you have made to the