Can FlowFuse Node-Red Instances Communicate Together?

Hi I’m new to FlowFuse and Node-Red, I wanted to see if it’s possible to connect FlowFuse Node-Red instances together.

I would have a local FlowFuse Node-red instance running on a machine on our private network. Serving up a local private dashboard and connecting to our local devices.

Then I would like that Node-Red instance to communicate with my cloud instance of FlowFuse Node-Red and serve out a public dashboard of data from the local version of the Node-Red, Is this possible?

I understand I could have the local Node-Red instance Publish to a Cloud Mosquito Broker and have the cloud FlowFuse Node-Red instance subscribe to the Cloud Mosquito Broker. But wanted to see if there is a cleaner approach, and not have to add an additional cloud service fee?

We have “Project Nodes” which make use of an MQTT Broker under the hood of FlowFuse:

You could utilise the FlowFuse Device Agent, register your local instance as a “Device”. If you put both your “Device” Instance, and Cloud-Hosted Node-RED Instance under the same application on FlowFuse, then you can utilise the Project Nodes to report the data back

Thanks for that information, I did just sign up for the Team Plan so I’ll have access to Project Nodes, I look forward to figuring them out.

I’m setting up a new machine with Ubuntu. Reviewed the Local install page on FlowFuse Docs, there’s a lot that can be set up. Does FlowFuse have experts that could be access by myself, maybe like a 1 hour tech call. I believe this would help me figure the best set up for my system. Even if it’s a paid service, it would more then like save me hours…

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If you are using FlowFuse cloud then you most likely do not want to install FlowFuse locally, but you want to install the Device Agent

You only want to install FlowFuse locally if you want to host your own “cloud” instances and run devices all on your own. If you still want to run a full FlowFuse stack then please use the “Book a Demo” link to arrange a call.