Instance environment variables problem

In a very simple flow I inject a reserved environment instance variable and simply output to a debug node. This works fine. I see the FF_INSTANCE_ID or FF_INSTANCE_NAME output in the debug log. If I try to add a new instance variable I only get an empty string in the debug log. Adding device environment variables works as I expected. I can add device environment variables but not instance environment variables. I’ve tried redeploying snapshots, rebooting flowforge, etc. Doesn’t seem to make any difference. What the secret to adding my own instance variables?

Hi, can you show or tell the exact name and value you are entering? (If the value is sensitive, please use a provide a fake, but realistic value). Thanks.

Did you restart the instance after adding the new env vars?

I am certain you know but for completeness, environment variables are only read at start up.

Mystery resolved. Yes, I did see in the documentation that an instance restart was required. I’m running FF as a local install on my Ubuntu laptop. My mistake was that I assumed stopping FF main process would also cause a restart of an instance, but I have now learned that is not true. Thanks for your patience with beginners!