New install on Windows - Can't Start Instance

I followed the posted instructions to install FlowFuse on a Windows system. After installation I have been struggling to get an instance to start… when I hit “Start” under the Actions menu the status changes from “stopped” to “starting” momentarily, but it goes back to “stopped” after a few seconds. The Node-RED Logs tab shows a new line of “Loading project settings” ever time that I do this.

Under the install directory there should be a directory called var/projects with a directory for each instance (the name will be the uuid in the url in the browser).

Under that directory there should be a file called out.log. Can you post the content of one of those please, it should show what the problem is.

Thanks for the quick reply @Ben - here’s what I found in the logfile that you referenced:

Launcher version: 1.12.0
Loading project settings
Unable to get settings from with error ParseError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 in “

You have a typo in your config file, there should not be a / between the hostname and the :3000

Stop the forge app, and edit the /etc/flowforge.yml and fix probable the base_url

:man_facepalming: That did the trick - thanks!

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