Environment Files In Edge Devies

Hi , im trying to display the default device environment variables on my edge device editor through flowfuse but nothing shows up ? it even shows this error ? any ideas why ?


I also tried to put my own environment variable on the device settings tab and nothing happens , i also cant seem to find the environment variable directory on my edge device , care to help me ?

thank you

The process object is not exposed in Node-RED. To access environment variables you need to use the env.get('ENV_VAR_NAME') as mentioned in the Node-RED docs here:


There is no way to list all the environment variables, you need to know what environment variable you want to use and request it by name.

It’s not clear what you mean by “environment variable directory”

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Hi thank you for the quick reply Ben , im quite new to this so i hope you can bear with me for a little while :slight_smile:

Regarding the “environment variable directory” , im sorry i thought that there will be a file in the project folder where it states all the environment variable in there … but its okay , i finally able to output the env variables based on this link here

but may i know why my custom env variables not showing anything ? it just shows empty strings ? but the FF default env it shows ? am i doing it wrong , i already added the env variables through the device settings tab

How and where have you set the environment variables?

Assuming you have set them in the FlowFuse web application, have you created a new snapshot and set it as the device target?

Environment Variables are only sent to the Device-agent as part of a snapshot.

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Yes , i need to deploy the snapshots again , thank you very much ben :slight_smile:

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