Fresh OS and FlowFuse install - 1st application and instance won't start


Fresh install of debian 10 on aws lightsail
Fresh install of FlowFuse

Forge Application v1.10.4
NodeJS v20.5.1

Create my first application
Create my first instance
Try to start the instance

Instance start failed.

Did I missed something during the installation or the onboarding process ?

Can you provide the logs showing how it failed? It would be ideal to have both the FlowFuse app logs and the Node-RED logs.

Also consider using the app in the AWS marketplace: FlowFuse is now available on AWS Marketplace • FlowFuse

That should be much easier to install and maintain long term.

Hi !


Loading project settings
Unable to get settings from http://publicip:3000/api/v1/projects/41486ad2-853c-4ee9-a2e7-f4abb8be5d23/settings with error RequestError: connect ETIMEDOUT publicip:3000
Failed to log audit event RequestError: connect ETIMEDOUT public:3000
    at ClientRequest.<anonymous> (/opt/flowforge/app/node_modules/got/dist/source/core/index.js:970:111)

Aws lightsail is assigning an internal ip address (172.26/20) to all their hosts and NATed the PublicIp address of the host to that internal IP. Into the flowforge.yml file, I change:

base_url: http://externalip:3000 for base_url: http://internalip:3000 , restarted Flowforge service, and now everything is now working as expected.


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