Failed to create instance

Fresh install 1.10.0
I can’t create an instance.
Failed to create instance: Team instance limit reached for type ‘Default’

What does this mean?

Hi @pbutler

Thanks for highlighting this. In the 1.10.0 release we added some more fine-grained controls for Admins to control what Instance Types can be created by different types of team.

You have hit a bug where we aren’t enabling the default instance type for the default team type as part of the setup.

I have raised an issue for this here: Default team types does not have default instance type enabled · Issue #2572 · flowforge/flowforge · GitHub

The workaround is to manually enable the Default Instance type for the ‘starter’ team type:

The workaround is:

  1. Go to Admin Settings → Team Types
  2. Click the edit button on the ‘starter’ Team type
  3. Under the Instances: Default section of the dialog, tick the ‘Available’ option
  4. Click Update to close the dialog

You should then find you can create an instance.

Fyi, this is now fixed and running in FlowForge cloud. The fix will also find its way into the monthly release v1.11