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Recently we posted a demo of ChatGPT integration in a Node-RED function node onto our social media accounts. We have now open-sourced this for all to play with, and welcome any and all contributions.

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I would recommend doing this
Defining a function in the API request that tells ChatGPT to only return .json for a Node-RED flow
Then adding the .json flow into a separate tab so the user can inspect what ChatGPT generated before deploying
For simple flows ChatGPT might do OK
For more complex flows I think it would be asking too much to have it return perfection
But it would still probably return something that saves a bunch of clicks

Function calling:

Another idea - once I explain my flow requirements, ChatGPT could recommend the best modules/npm libraries to use and I could install them more easily. usually its a headache to hunt down the extra nodes needed.

And on top of that, Im sure you guys have tons of good example flows if ChatGPT got some fine-tuning based on prompt and flow examples, it would definitely get better at this task

Would be glad to collaborate on these ideas, I have been spending tons of time on ChatGPT in the last months

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