First Pre-Alpha Release of the new Node-RED Dashboard • FlowForge

Just weeks ago, we at FlowForge announced our plan to develop a successor to the Node-RED Dashboard. Today, we're excited to reveal the pre-alpha release of this highly anticipated project, bringing us one step closer to a new era of data visualization in Node-RED.

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This is a great initiative and I’m excited to be waiting for the new dashboard.
Two things which I wish will be supported:

  1. Full multi-user support for input fields (i.e. concurrent client browser not impacting each other)
  2. Direct access to specific dashboard tabs (URL to be based the tab name, not index)


This will always be a problem because the node-red instance is single tenant itself. That said, if you stick to certain practices like using a form for data input, it can be achieved.

The template node now supports forms and form elements so your editing is completely isolated from other users accessing the dashboard. Your flows would need to avoid using context as race conditions can occur.

Thanks @Steve. Is there special support for form elements in template nodes, or are you referring to using standard HTML input controls in <form></form> sections?

I use the template node extensively for multi-user dashboard functionality and wrote a document (for my development teams) on how to use template nodes for multi-user UI, with user-scoped messaging to/from other Node-red nodes. Will you be willing to review this document for correctness, then we can share it with the Node-red community?

I understand the limitation. Is it possible to consider either:

  • To enrich the form node with selection lists, dynamic populate & enable/disable, on-change callbacks and customizable layout
  • To enable flagging input objects as “Local”, having their output go to some locally scoped control or memory object

Using form elements.


<form @submit.prevent="submit">
    <v-text-field name="first" label="First Name" variant="outlined"></v-text-field>
    <v-text-field name="last" label="Last Name" variant="outlined"></v-text-field>
    <v-btn type="submit">Submit Form</v-btn>
    Submitted Content:
    <code>{{ msg?.payload }}</code>


Additionally, the Form Wdget is in progress: Widget: Form by joepavitt · Pull Request #123 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

Of course. That could be a useful source of information for everyone to benefit from. Thanks for the offer.

These are good points and should be captured in an issue (with use-case info) to ensure they are not over looked.