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When ChatGPT was first released, my expectations were quite low. I had grown accustomed to the usual industry buzz for AI and ML that often led to underwhelming solutions. Naturally, I approached ChatGPT with similar reservations. It wasn't until a few months after its announcement that I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, within just 10 minutes, I found myself so captivated that I decided to purchase the pro version.

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Is ChatGPT (and, thus, the owner of it) understand what i what to do?
And probably why ?

Hi @stefanopog.

We have created guard rails and standards that will help the user create node-red flows and leverages FlowFuse if desired. One of the things that I noticed when using base ChatGPT was that it always defaulted to using function nodes. We asked this GPT to refrain from using function nodes where possible.

For your answer. No the GPT doesn’t know what you are trying to accomplish, but it knows its purpose is to build Node-Red flows and guide the user. You can export an existing flow and import it into the GPT and tell it what you are trying to accomplish and ask it to help.

I hope this clarifies things.

Kind Regards,
Grey Dziuba

If the GPT would not know what i want to do, how could it generate a flow for me?
I think that It does know.
I think that it remembers what you asked it (if it is worth remembering it)….
And, i think, it uses its “contextual memory”….