Flow fuse cloud don´t work with mermaid diagrams in the node-red version 3.1

flowfuse cloud don´t work with mermaid diagrams in the node-red version 3.1,somebody can help how to make work???,thanks

How are you trying to render the Mermaid Charts? Is this in the Node-RED Editor, or are you trying to use the mermaid charts in Node RED Dashboard?

in a flow of node-red editor,2 clicks on the tab of the flow and nothing,about mermaid diagram.

Please supply detailed instructions about what you did and what you expect to see where. At the moment it’s not clear what you mean.

  • Do you mean that there is no icon in the toolbar?
  • That if you paste in a mermaid diagram it doesn’t display?

Adding the following to the Description works just fine (assuming the Info tab is showing in the sidebar as there is a known issue with the mermaid library not rendering if the DOM element is not displayed. Rework mermaid integration to support off-DOM rendering by knolleary · Pull Request #4364 · node-red/node-red · GitHub , note this is not FlowFuse specific)

pie title NETFLIX
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what i want to do is this:

thanks for help in advanced

That is the documentation and install instructions for the plugin used.

Have you followed those steps to install the plugin? If so, do you see the “Ask ChatGPT” button? If there are issues with the plugin, they are likely best asked via opening an issue on the plugin itself. Not so sure this is a FlowFuse issue?

no,the problem is that mermaid diagram,do not open like the example that come in that article…Ask ChatGPT is installed but i can not use it…thanks

As pointed out in the linked to issue, there are problems rendering mermaid diagrams if the sidebar info tab is not already visible when the diagram is updated/added. This will be addressed in NR 3.1.1 when it is released.

This is not a FlowFuse issue.

thanks ,i will be waiting…