Can not access to the device editor

Hi everyone,
I was successed flowforge in local. I have 1 device PLC and then i run the cmd ==> flowforge-device-agent get the url Server now running at After that i access the the web require the username and password (image file attached). Iam stuck here, i don’t know the user and pass. Can everyone can help me clearly now. Thanks all.

The device editor is a licensed feature, if you’ve uploaded the license you’ll need to reach the editor through the FlowForge interface.

For an example please see: FlowForge Feature Demonstration - Edit your flows on remote devices - YouTube

Thanks for feedback. I have a license and remote device ok. But the flowfroge local version have the device editor no need user and pass when access in the local ?

There is no direct access to the device editor, you must use the link from the FlowForge device page which will proxy access to the device and deal with authentication.

If you try and access the editor directly (as shown in your screen shot) you will always be presented with the username/password challenge), there is no username/password you can enter that will grant access to the editor.

ok thanks. I clearly the problem that.