Missing UDP nodes

I never realized this before, but I’m not able to find UDP nodes in my instance. As it is a core-node ( udp • FlowFuse) , I think it should be automatically activated. Is there any setting or environment variable to replace?

Thanks everyone.

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The UDP and TCP nodes are disabled on FlowFuse Cloud because there is no way to receive in bound connections and the core Node-RED nodes do not currently allow for the disabling of the inbound connections configuration.

Enabling these nodes would just lead to a large number of support tickets from users that configured the nodes to listen for connections and then wondering why they don’t work.

The reason they don’t work for inbound is that each instance is run in it’s own container and HTTP access is via a reverse proxy, the instances do not have their own public IP address to receive connections on.

There was some work done to allow disabling the server components in NR 4.0 but I’ve not checked how that is getting on or if it’s in the beta yet. Once that is done we may be able to enable the nodes for outbound connections.

EDIT: Add setting to disable tcp/udp server (inbound) by Steve-Mcl · Pull Request #3931 · node-red/node-red · GitHub it’s not merged into 4.0 yet

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