First node-red instance crashed after installing

Recently, I installed flowfuse locally on my Raspberry 3b+ to test it but when i try to create a new instance of node-red, the instance crashes

I check node-modules directory and there’s not a template folder

did someone have the same problem?
its fixable or i must reinstall again?

I use:
nodejs v20.11.0
npm v10.2.4
SO: Raspbian (64bit)

Quick fix should be to cd to /opt/flowforge/var/stacks/3.1.5 and run

npm install node-red@3.1.5

But the only reason I could think for this not to be there is the problem with the sd card. Check that the filesystem is not full

You may need to run the install as the flowforge user if you chose to install as the flowforge

Ok, thanks. That works

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