High CPU utilization and Chrome browser tab crashing

Has anyone run across a Chrome browser tab crashing with an instance based on the following versions? I believe it’s version related because I have two other instances that don’t run high CPU utilization like this one does.

Node-RED Version 3.1.3
Launcher Version 1.14.0
Node.js Version 18.19.0

I’m planning on downgrading to the versions of the other instances I have unless someone knows that a later version resolves the issue.

Not seen any of this.

Can you list what nodes and plugins you have installed into the base stack?
Do you see the same if you run on the same Node-RED version running outside FF?

All the default FF plugins/additions should all be on the runtime side not the editor (browser) side with the exception of the theme (which should just be CSS values).

Thanks, Ben.

The only non-standard nodes I have installed are:

I have those same nodes installed on my other instances as well. Also, the flows are similar in nature between instances.

I went ahead and downgraded the instance this morning, but that did not seem to resolve the issue with high CPU utilization in the Chrome browser tab. So it does seem the issue may be with one of the specific flows on this instance.

I have not installed the flow on a separate NR instance outside of FF. I won’t be able to try that for the next few days.

Any other ideas are welcome - the note about plugins was helpful.