Adding beta stacks to selfhosted version

Hi flowforgers!
I’m trying to setup a testing stack with beta versions of Node-RED.
I followed the instructions on the documents:

./bin/ 3.1.0-beta.3
installing stack node-red@3.1.0-beta.3
installed stack node-red@3.1.0-beta.3

In the flowforge UI, i can change the stack to the new one, but as soon as I start any instance from this stack, it goes to a “unknown” state and I can’t access to it.

Is it supported to install stacks for beta packages in the selfhosted version?

Hi @joselun ,

Great to see you’re already running FlowForge locally, and want to try out Node-RED 3.1! The Node-RED stack is already available on, though that’s a Kubernetes cluster and container based.

The error you’re observing, do you have more data on that? For example the logs? The unknown state in and off itself doesn’t tell me much sadly.

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The logs can be found at: var/projects/<uuid>/out.log. It would also be great if you could say what OS you’re running, and can steps you took so we can reproduce this issue?

We’re unaware of any issues with Node-RED 3.1 and FlowForge, and cannot reproduce this currently.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I’m currently testing flowforge in a local install and so far I’m impressed, it’s really slick and useful.

I fixed my issue. After a second read of the documents, I learned that I must use the same version as the directory in the flowforge install directory (in my case, /opt/flowforge/var/stacks/3.1.0-beta.3) and I was putting 3.1.0-beta3 (without the dot between beta and 3).

After fixing that, I was able to deploy new instances based on the beta stack.

Thank you so much for this great software