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Node-RED has an incredibly rich resource of integrations available, but sometimes you need that little bit of extra functionality, or access to a Node.js module that doesn't have it's own custom nodes in Node-RED. We can easily import any npm module within the built-in Node-RED function nodes.

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Hi there. How is it possible to update the module version imported?
I start a project a few months ago, and the module used has been updated.
I know there is a package-lock.json file where versions are set, but is it possible to update the version without going down to that file?

The best way I found, is access the CLI from Nodered Admin IDE. With the contrib-xterm **
go to the folder where packages-lock.js is, and run npm update. If you like to specify a versión for a specific mode, use npm install --force module@1.0.1.

*** security issues ahead*