Templating Deployment of Device Agents and other Flowforge component Tools

Hi all,

You might know me from the node-RED forum. I am currently working a project called GitHub - shantanoo-desai/komponist: A Composer for your favorite container stacks with Ansible + Jinja2 + Docker Compose v2 which is wrapper around Docker + Docker Compose v2 with Ansible and Jinja2 templating.

The code let’s you select the most common IoT docker containers e.g. nodered, influxdbv1/v2, grafana, SQL-powered databases all configured behind a reverse-proxy.

It actually leverages the power of Jinja2 Templating engine which will let you add more conditions to the configuration files, docker compose files etc.

I have been able to test combination of Stacks with Node-RED, InfluxDB, QuestDB,Grafana within 3 minutes.

I saw that Flowforge uses YAML files also to configure containers stack.

Any hints or feedback would be appreciated.

My goal is to let Flowforge users configure things either locally or a small home fleet of devices without having to dive deep into complexity.

@ShanDesai Thanks for your post! As far as I understand you’d want ansible to maintain the kubernetes or docker cluster? If so, you can take a look at: Configuring FlowForge • FlowForge Docs.

If you want to automate more actions you can leverage the API. It’s to be better documented, which will be done soon through this issue API Swagger Documentation · Issue #1556 · flowforge/flowforge · GitHub

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