Some repeat interval options for Inject node not working in flowforge

This seems to be specific to Flowforge as I have tested the same thing in local Node-RED and it works fine.
Inject once after x seconds works as expected.
The repeat interval option for the inject node works as expected.
The repeat interval between times does not work.
The repeat at a specific time does not work.


What timezone are you in and what timezone have you set your FlowForge instance to use?

I have flowforge set to UTC time and I am UTC-7. I see it works when I set the time interval to UTC time. I changed the flowforge timezone to Canada/Pacific but I don’t see any difference, I still have to enter the interval time as UTC no matter what timezone I set flowforge to. I restarted the instance just to make sure as well. Is this the way it is supposed to work?

Thanks for helping me realize my error. I can work with it now, I forgot the server is in Ireland.


Just double checking, how did you restart the instance after changing the Timezone settings? I can’t remember off the top of my head if you need to suspend/start or just hit restart in the Actions menu to have it pick up the change.

I hit restart. I will try a suspend and start.

HI @Ben ,
I just did a suspend and start. I still need to use UTC time in the inject node.
The timestamp in my editor’s debug window is local time. But even with UTC time zone selected it still shows local time in the debug window.
So far, I can’t see any differences applying the timezone offset in the Editor settings.

Thanks for letting me know, that’s a bug and should hopefully be fixed in the release next week.

Ok, no worries, thanks!