Dashboard - ability to select a ui-table row and receive notification?

As far as I can see the table component is ‘read only’ - are there any plans to have a table element where a user can select a row, and for that selection to generate an output message which could then be used to present further data for the selected row ?

You can use a ui-template node and directly instantiate the table’s underlying JS package (Tabulator) and enjoy its full richness of functionality & visualization options. There are a few “how-to” threads with samples in the Node-red forum.
However, this is still not available in Dashboard 2.0, only in Dashboard 1.0, since the ui-template node in Dashboard 2.0 still doesn’t support JavaScript segments.

Thanks, I’ve used that before on dashboard ‘1’ so I’ll go back to that until dashboard 2 has the same feature set :slight_smile: