FlowFuse Local Install - Ui-Table Compatibility Issue

I can get this useful pallet working node-red-node-ui-table (node) - Node-RED
2023-12-08T14:06:39.519Z Install : node-red-node-ui-table 0.4.3

2023-12-08T14:06:39.545Z npm install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --no-fund --save --save-prefix=~ --production --engine-strict node-red-node-ui-table@0.4.3

2023-12-08T14:06:42.797Z [err] npm

2023-12-08T14:06:42.798Z [err] WARN config production Use --omit=dev instead.

2023-12-08T14:06:52.492Z [out]

2023-12-08T14:06:52.492Z [out] added 9 packages in 10s

2023-12-08T14:06:52.592Z rc=0

Hi @Navid007 - are you using this in conjuction with Node-RED Dashboard? The ui-table node is designed to add an extra widget to Node-RED Dashboard 1.0.

The logs say it installed cleanly.

Is there anything else in the logs slightly lower down?

Also as @joepavitt pointed out, to work this will require the node-red-dashboard nodes installed as well. It will not work with the new @flowfuse/node-red-dashboard

Ok, i have only installed dashboard2, should i install dashboard 1 as well ,?

Yeah, the ui-table nodes are just for the original Node-RED Dashboard at the moment.

Dashboard 2.0 does have a table node, but its not as feature rich as ui-table currently.

So i can have both dashboards installed at the same time without any conflicts or I have to choose between Dash1 or 2 ?

You can have both installed at the same time. They deploy to different paths, so you can’t have Dashboard 2.0 widgets in a Dashboard 1.0 page for example, and vice versa.

any idea how to use ui-table in dashboard 2 ? The table node is very primitive

There is no way to get the ui-table node as it stands to work with Dashboard 2.0, the libraries and interface used is just totally different. This had to be done because the technology used build the original dashboard is now obsolete.

There are 2 real options here:

  1. Contribute to the Dashboard 2.0 project to help improve the built in table node
  2. Reimplement the table-ui node to use the new Dashboard 2.0 interface

Out of the 2 I would suggest option 1 is the best option as it should be possible to do incrementally adding things a feature at a time, where as option 2 will require a large amount of work up front before it is likely to be useful.

Contributions don’t need to be just code, it could be to help prioritise which of the table-ui features you feel would be best to implement first.

The other option to add to Ben’s list is using a ui-template which gives tou untold levels of customisation, I built a starting example here:

Thanks, it is great. I am not very familiar with vue. Is it possible point me how can I get a row selection if I use the “show-select” model or any other to get data to node-red which row is selected ?

On the row itself you could add an @click="send((payload: item})" which will emit a message in Node-RED of the selected row/item.

I’ll check when I’m back at my desk tomorrow to see if there is a better, Vuetify way of doing this using the built in v-data-table properties.

not sure if that works, I am sending data with msg.payload.