Template node - How can I get user input data from the dashboard


I am using Vuetifyjs rating widget in the template.
<v-rating hover :length="5" :size="32" :model-value="msg.payload" active-color="primary" />

Any suggestions how can I read the user input from the rating widget?


Hi! We provide a send function inside ui-template for this exact use case (docs)

In your case, you should be able to add: @change=send(msg) to your v-rating element.

Hi, I tried the following but still cant read the user input in the flow.

<v-rating hover :length="5" :size="32" :model-value="msg.payload" active-color="primary" :@change=send(msg) />

Are you able to help with an example?

Much appreciated

Right you are - appears you’ve found a bug (issue opened). Let me investigate, get a fix in, and I’ll write up a working example into the documentation.

Hi @malmashharawi - I’ve just merged Allow for simple data binding in ui-template by joepavitt · Pull Request #282 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub which will be going into the next (0.7.0) Release for Dashboard 2.0.

I’ve also updated the documentation, to include this explicit example, which you can find here: Text ui-template | Node-RED Dashboard 2.0