Problem with nginx in docker flowforge


i have problem with defolt config nginx in flowforge

for my projects without ff, I increased client_max_body_size to 32mb

What are you trying to upload and how big is it?

You can edit the docker-compose.yml to mount a file at /etc/nginx/conf.d/my_proxy.conf

with the following content:

client_max_body_size 32m;

From the doc for the nginx container:

I’m trying to transfer a project to flowforge from nodered

The size of the file is 456093 bytes, but it will be several times more

FYI: The Node-RED default max is 5m

flowforge installed nginx himself according to the instructions from the site Docker install • FlowForge Docs

maybe I didn’t count correctly, here is the output from the console

Yes, and by adding the file I mentioned it should work, I’ve opened an issue to update the docker-compose build for the next release.

The comment about 5m was just so you were aware what the other limits are, e.g. configuring nginx to 32m will still hit the 5m Node-RED limit if you try and have a larger POST body for anything.



also, it turns out interestingly, after reaching the limit of 5 MB, I will need to divide the project into additional instances, will it be possible to increase it from the nodered side?

Flows probably shouldn’t get to 5m in size, that would be a vast number of nodes.

The only reason a flow would normally get to that size would be down to keep huge amounts of text in things like template nodes, and there are usually better ways to solve that problem by serving static content from somewhere else.

I have just a lot of texts and number of nodes in my project, maybe there are some suggestions for services where to store texts and locales?